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iMagic Inventory Software

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Version: 5.28
Downloads: 298
Updated: 1/4/2018
Added: 11/3/2011
License: Shareware
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Inventory control and invoicing play two major roles in any product related business, which needs to be managed and controlled with utmost care, since both have a huge impact on the company's profits. Completing the tasks manually is undoubtedly very time consuming, tiresome and costly. In order to minimize all these hassle and boost productivity, efficiency while reducing time waste iMagic Inventory Software introduced the most cost effective inventory control software to the business world. The era where only large factories and manufacturing companies made use of inventory management softwares are long gone. Brace yourself and ride your company to its maximum potential with the help of this revolutionary and low cost inventory software for Windows Operating Systems. iMagic Inventory Software is not a software that requires extensive IT skills. It is one of the most user-friendly inventory control systems that has gain massive customer ratings and positive comments. Apart form its role as a complete inventory management software; it also acts as an incredible invoicing tool for you. The flexibility of this high-end platform offers you the opportunity to handout customized invoices with your company logo and contact details, within a few minutes. The automated client database is another feature of the iMagic Inventory Software, which makes your life super easy. No more time wasted on re-entering repetitive customer details; it saves all the customer details as and when you enter the invoices. What's more, you are even provided with the opportunity to import and export customer details from third party systems. Do not waste your time, money and most importantly lucrative business opportunities just because you are reluctant to embrace the new technology. Join the iMagic Inventory community to thrive in your business with less work!
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