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Version: 3.1
Downloads: 329
Updated: 3/23/2012
Added: 3/13/2012
License: Commercial
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World Daily News is a news reader which enables you to read world daily news only from the categories you specify and in the language you select. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KEY FEATURES: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Hundreds of news sources; * Thousands of indexed pages; * Many pre-defined news categories; * Simple, quick and easy-to-use interface; * Users can search for news by keyword; * Users can search for news by category; * Users can search for news by sub-category; * Users can add ”news seach settings” to ”Favorites”; * Users can share news on Twitter; * Users can share news on Facebook; * Users can subscribe to newsletter; * Users can tell a friend about news by e-mail;
Key words: top news, latest news, sport news, IT news, news, politics, crime, culture, technology,

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