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Wireless WebServer

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Version: 1
Downloads: 56
Updated: 5/26/2017
Added: 5/26/2017
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Wireless WebServer What this software do? Suppose you are in café or in airport and you want all customer in café or visitors in airport to see something you want to share with them such like html page or video or chat with them or you want to advertise something (service or goods or anything) Normally we must tell every body of them please contact that wifi name and enter that ip and that really very very difficult to do even impossible So what simply this software do Give name to your wifi and press start And everyone enter your wifi will directly and automatically go to your page without asking or knowing your ip For public give name like openwifi-pass:12345678 Important note : one word no space For private put any password Any visitor after connect he will go to his browser to call any website so this software will show him your html instead Important note this software work with only one adapter if you have multi try to use only one
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