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Virtua Girl 3

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Version: 3.10.02
Downloads: 44
Updated: 10/27/2018
Added: 10/6/2016
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

The motivation of a great and sexy 'Hi' in the morning is beyond mention. You would always have wanted to have a hot personal assistant who would keep track of your reminders. Now you can get your sexy and hot secretary free of cost with Virtua Girl 3. The plus factor is that you can have a new assistant every other day without any cumbersome interviews. So every day you start afresh with new motivation and new girls ready to strip for you (no nudity in unregistered version). You can put them on the bottom of your toolbar and summon them whenever you feel like getting hot and turned on. You can choose which button to configure so the Virtua Girl 3 would pop up on screen with a single click. If you are the kind who would love to have some boost of energy every hour, you can adjust the frequency accordingly and have the right and well-earned breaks in between your works. With the registered version of Virtua Girl 3, there is a multitude of girls in all features and shapes ready to make you go steaming and pumping. They strip, touch themselves, and the true fun is in the duos performances that will pin you on with the intimate scenes. Who wouldn't want a hot and sexy stripper, a new one every day, right in your bedroom? With Virtua Girl 3 this dream of yours will become a reality that too free of cost. With over 1500 different females at Virtua Girl 3, you will surely find the girl who will make you wet on those deep dark nights.
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