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Vault for OneNote

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Version: 1.5
Downloads: 14
Updated: 11/6/2017
Added: 11/6/2017
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

A Vault notebook/templates for MS OneNote for a richer, safer and simpler way to store all your data. By adding categories with subpage templates the whole OneNote notebook becomes visually structured and organized. Applying a password to each section encrypts the notebook, keeping all data safe from prying eyes. The notebook can also be easily shared if it's stored on OneDrive or Sharepoint. The content of the notebook can be accessed from any device that MS OneNote supports on desktop, tablets and phones on the Web, Windows, Apple and Android platforms.
Key words: vault, OneNote, Office, notebook, template, data, to-do, organize, productivity, tools, utils, ms office,

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