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Version: V1.14
Downloads: 602
Updated: 3/14/2011
Added: 6/3/2007
License: Freeware
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Rolling show XML/RDF news. Gmail Notifier. Write Gmail 1.Independent channel setting. 2.Multiple channels by default. 3.Channel navigation. 4.Latest Version Notification 5.Write Email using your Gmail account 6.Gmail Notifier 7.Mouse over to show news/email abstract 8.Use picture as TTNews's background 9.Multi-line rolling, multi-lingual 10.Various rolling mode/speed 11.Transparent/Semi-transparent show 12.Fast forward/backward and stop 13.Tiny, Versatile, No need installation 14.More on: Best free news ticker for windows. Email me if you want a customized TTNews (such as put your own logo, or want to distribute your own information to your customer/employee), You have chance to get a free customized build of TTNews.
Key words: Desktop rolling XML/RSS news, Gmail notifier, Write email,

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