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Version: 2018
Downloads: 30
Updated: 8/4/2017
Added: 8/4/2017
License: Demo
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This software is destined to the users having expertises in confirmed data processing. However it is possible to subscribe an aid to the installation of the software. (to see the author's site for it), as well as a benefit of submission of your site in 350 motors and directories of the world. Function with server IIS of included Microsoft in Windows. This software is a dynamic internet site. The example used in this illustration is a club of Handball. Several sections have been developed like for example, photos, teams, sponsors, etc... He/it is you sufficient to personalize it and this without knowing a programming language to get your personal web site of your club! You will be able to add thus there dynamically some articles on your teams by simple to copy / glue since any station! To note that many web host proposes an effective lodging to least stroke (some euros only per month)!
Key words: site, internet, sport, collective, handball, football,

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