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Splash WiFi

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Version: 1.0
Downloads: 261
Updated: 11/30/2013
Added: 11/25/2013
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Splash Wi-Fi puch any source of Internet to be out from your Wi-Fi , If your device is connected through the local area network card you can buy a USB Wi-Fi and cover the house without wires , Now you can use Wi-Fi on your mobile without access points or routers through the program , It works like a hotspot . The program accepts all sources of communication, local area network card, USB modem or Wi-Fi. With this application you can use any type of connections and reroute it again as a hot spot via wi-fi connection
Key words: Wi-Fi, HotSpot, convert connections, Via WiFi, access point, wireless, wireless ad hoc,

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