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Shoretel Contacts Fix

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Version: 3.0
Downloads: 149
Updated: 9/20/2018
Added: 7/12/2014
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Shoretel Contacts Importer. If you have Shoretel in your corporation and have recently upgraded to version 13 or above, you may have noticed that within the Shoretel Communicator Client the option for importing Outlook contacts has now been restricted to just allowing Contacts to be imported. In previous versions, you could go into your options and import Outlook contacts including Sharepoint lists, Suggested Contacts, Personal Contacts and Shared Mailbox Contacts. This small program addresses this issue which allows you to use Shoretel Communicator Client v13 and above and be able to import these other types of contact lists.
Key words: Shoretel, Contacts, Importer, Enabler, Fix, Outlook, SharePoint,

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