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Version: 2.0
Downloads: 1250
Updated: 5/16/2009
Added: 6/3/2007
License: Freeware
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A very handy utility, because it does lots of things besides just sorting. If you think of other useful things for it to do, Please let me know! ScreenShot here: BUTTONS include: [Accessories] User programmable buttons [Break] Break Line Before/After [Case] Convert text to: lowercase/uppercase [Find/Replace] [Hex] Show Hex values [Html] Text to Html, Html to Text, Html to lowercase, Insert Html Header, Add Html Trailer [Insert] Insert 'this' after column [Leading] Add/Remove Leading characters [Remove] Remove Blank Lines, Remove All of [Sort] Ascending/Descending, Duplicates, Within cols, [Speak ClipBoard] [Strip] Strip by cols, Strip by chars [Trailing] Add/Remove Trailing See PpSort+ Help file here: Check out my other freewares here:
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