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Pin ToDo Calendar

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Version: 2016.3
Downloads: 55
Updated: 6/29/2017
Added: 10/13/2016
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Pin ToDo Calendar Software is a free Windows program for keeping a todo list, and your events in a calendar format. It comes with a pomodoro timer that lets you keep track of how long you spend doing each task so you stay on track. You can download and use it completely free to organzie your days on an agenda style event calendar. Each day you can freely type events, and check them off as you complete them. You can also have the tasks email to you. You can organize your events under multiple categories, and subcategories, and across a calendar gird.
Key words: to do, todo, pomodoro, timer, calendar, todo list, check, check list, agenda, event, planner,

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