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PDF to Flash Page Flip for Mac

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Version: 1.0.0
Downloads: 238
Updated: 4/25/2013
Added: 4/25/2013
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Most of the ebook reading way is: scroll the page to browse. Although ebook is convenient for reading, but we also loss the real reading experience of paper book. If want PDF ebook turn from one page to next page like realist paper books, and bring new life to common PDF, then PDF to Flash Page Flip for Mac will be your best choice. Because PDF to Flash Page Flip for Mac is flippingbook for Mac software designed for converting plain PDF into stunning page flipbook, without flash skill or other software required. After publish the converted book online, you will find it not only provides the convenient reading (read online without PDF Readers), but also interactive to flipping the page to read. It is amazing when you flip the book page for the first time, you will find the converted online book seems like the realist paper book. As the professional Mac conversion tool, PDF to Flash Page Flip for Mac also provides multiple functional tools to help you. All of the tools mainly help you to design the theme, enable show some needed button on book. Here we will introduce some key features as follow: .Single-click to choose the pre-designed templates and themes; .Html online output format and Mac App format support; . Easily make branded magazine with Float template; . Convenient reading with bookmark and thumbnail; . Control options: mouse click, button and quick icon.
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