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PCBrotherSoft Free Startup Manager

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Version: 8.5.1
Downloads: 148
Updated: 2/20/2017
Added: 9/25/2015
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

PCBrotherSoft Free Startup Manager is designed to detect and prevent irritating startup programs from constantly adding themselves to the startup list so as to accelerate Windows startups and ensure your operating system more stable. You can fully control startups by selecting the programs to be launched, making the startup launch condition more efficient and faster. Sometimes you may don't want some unnecessary startups to run automatically whenever you turn on your PC. Free Clever Startup Manager can help manage and optimize Windows Startup configuration by disabling any startup programs you don't need when your operating system loads. PCBrotherSoft Free Startup Manager helps eliminate the burden of system boot like drivers, services and many other applications which start automatically at the beginning of Windows boot. In that way, you will enjoy a faster Windows boot and high-speed PC startup. The fewer programs to load, the faster and smoother you will login to your computer. PCBrotherSoft Free Startup Manager aims to detect and disable any unwanted programs that automatically load at startup and cause slow performance, freezing, and error. Larger operation space is needed if you want your computer to run at a fast speed. PCBrotherSoft Free Startup Manager can help remove some startup items you don't want any more, making less programs run in the background so that your PC will get more available storage memory.
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