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PCBrotherSoft Free Audio Recorder

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Version: 8.5.1
Downloads: 141
Updated: 3/15/2017
Added: 9/28/2015
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

PCBrotherSoft Free Audio Recorder is designed to record any sound played through your sound card from all multimedia files, game, flash, application, streaming audio, peripheral equipment, etc. It can record without time limitation so that you can record meetings, lectures, conversations, etc. With PCBrotherSoft Free Audio Recorder, you can schedule your recording on the Once, Daily and Weekly bases you need. It will automatically start or stop recording anything runs on your desktop at a certain time, saving you much time and effort. Instead of taking much time and effort in choosing an output folder and a name for the recorded audio file, it makes it simpler by outputting your recording directly into MP3 file. Sometimes you may want to record live streaming audio from online radio stations, online music subscription services, MySpace, music videos, etc. PCBrotherSoft Free Audio Recorder makes it true by capturing any streaming audio via the sound card on your computer easily. PCBrotherSoft Free Audio Recorder makes it convenient to play current file, add files, copy/delete current files and even edit them with the file list which provides detailed info like filename, location, date, duration, size, etc. You can save the recorded audio files in different popular formats with specified sound quality. You can also select one of the default settings from "Preset Quality" or specify the parameters like channel, Constant Bit Rate, Variable Bit Rate, Quality Level, etc. if needed. For professional uses, the AGC helps increase and equal overall sound volume level of the recordings. Voice Activation System makes your recording more automated and you can also use this function to escape the silent part between two audio sections.
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