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PBXDom Call Accounting and Call Analysis

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Version: 1
Downloads: 64
Updated: 9/26/2016
Added: 9/26/2016
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Monitor your phone communications, receive smart alerts when you are missing your customers, and provide you intelligence to improve your company's responsiveness. Voice Traffic & Call Analysis Easily gain greater insight into your voice traffic to pinpoint system inefficiency, improper routing, concurrent users and cost reduction opportunities. Productivity Reports PBXDom provides numerous reports with hard facts that managers can use to ensure their employees are as productive as possible. Emergency 911 & Instant Alerts Customized, Unlimited, Real-Time Alerts with Caller Identification. Reveal issues quickly and make instant managerial decisions with PBXDom Real-time Dashboards that continually refresh to bring you the most up-to-date call analysis. Unlimited Dashboard Unlimited Share Automatic refresh Access anywhere Dynamic Date Filter By department/Site/Location
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