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Outlook Express Email Extractor

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Version: 3.6.0
Downloads: 273
Updated: 6/2/2017
Added: 8/16/2010
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Outlook Express Email Extractor v3. 6 extracts all email addresses from Outlook Express or Outlook Express (. DBX) files. It is a very efficient tool for extracting email addresses and easy to use. You will get a clean email addresses list and can save in CSV (Open in Excel) files and Text (. txt) file. It works for all.DBX files in BATCH process. It provides only email addresses, those you need and removes duplicate and unwanted fake email addresses. Key Features Of Outlook Express Email Extractor 1. It allows you add many .DBX files for extract emails in the single process. 2. Extracted email addresses can be saved in CSV (Opens in EXCEL) and .TXT (Opens in notepad). 3. Outlook Express Email extractor is a very fast email extractor software.
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