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NSF PST Conversion

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Version: 15.8
Downloads: 322
Updated: 9/13/2016
Added: 1/18/2011
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Transport Lotus notes mailboxes to Outlook platform with NSF to PST converter. Its advanced NSF to PST conversion methodology enables user to produce fresh Outlook readable files instantly without making any changes in the original file’s configuration. The software supports entire editions of Dominos Server and Lotus Notes, therefore any user can make use of it for fulfilling file conversion purpose. Here is gist of its latest features: Intelligible software interface for easy conversion and restoration operations Enables conversion of NSF files in bulk in single command Provides user with two progressed file scanning modes for conversion of files, Standard scanning mode and Advanced scanning mode Permits user to modify name of folders upon migration of files to Outlook platform Converts UNICODE characters and ANSI characters during the NSF to PST conversion process Allows user to restore converted files on desired location in different Outlook supportive formats like HMTL, RTF and PST Can be operated on any version of Windows Operating system including Windows 10 Practically analyze the software by downloading its free demo version from here:
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