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Version: Beta1.0.0.0
Downloads: 31
Updated: 5/25/2017
Added: 5/25/2017
License: Freeware
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Publisher's description

Manage the tasks and make every plan, kick Procrastination away! I am suffering from procrastination for a long time. I am alway very tense till the deadline of the task. I found that the main reason is that although I am willing to finish all the task on time but I am lazy to make the plan for tasks. So I wrote this app to help me arrange the tasks. Just throw the tasks into this app. Then just set the completion of yesterdayeach morning and see the tasks of today when you open the app in the morning. Flow the plans you will finish all the tasks on time. This is a free app for Win and Mac, but I appreciate if you could support me by donating any money to my PayPal account. And I will develop the version for mobile phone.
Key words: Procrastination; Plan; GTD; Tasks management,

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