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Updated: 11/24/2013
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Public Protection teams need to respond to a wide range of emergencies daily, varying from disasters, side effects, road accidents, and conditions that intimidate the security of citizens.When a natural catastrophe happens, state combination facilities are progressively becoming a specific control framework for municipality departments, fire channels, and central organizations. This framework of centralizing during critical times improves performance while keeping cost low. Govt organizations in a country spend considerable amounts of money every year in restoration after a catastrophe happens.As a consequence, the government agencies are shifting their focus from assigning budget for urgent restoration to strategies for protection and minimization. This is why they are not only implementing extensive catastrophe computer but also making an investment in video conferencing software and immersive telepresence alternatives for all factors of urgent management: catastrophe protection, readiness, reaction and restoration. A video conferencing software solution for emergencies is majorly positioned for the public safety in emergency management and operations related to disaster rescues. There are ample number of cases where in video conferencing is served as a helping hand to perform the rescue operations. Let us explore few cases of emergencies.In most of the rural areas the availability of psychiatric specialist is limited, most noticeably at the time of emergencies. To overcome these challenges, the implementation of the decentralized web conferencing solution at the rural hospitals, can connect the psychiatric specialist at far distance with patient. The specialist can directly interact with the psychic patient is such as way that the doctor can actually control the patient and can turn him/her to normal. Apart from medical emergencies, video collaboration is implemented during the time of Military emergency operations. Through this technology the chief army gener
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