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IBM File Transfer Tool

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Version: 2.1.2
Downloads: 32
Updated: 6/25/2018
Added: 9/9/2017
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Utilize IBM File Transfer Tool to transfer files from Lotus Notes to Outlook PST, PDF, MSG, EML and MBOX accurately. IBM File Transfer Tool is a solution that contains advanced working environment for appropriate implementation. As the IBM File Transfer Tool is equipped with friendly interface so both technical and home users can access to transfer NSF files from Lotus Notes into required format. IBM File Transfer Tool includes helpful options i.e. Add Folder and Add File options that gives the freedom to add the desired files or the entire folder to transfer NSF data from Lotus Notes with attachments. The IBM File Transfer Tool is developed in such a way that it quickly scans and loads the complete NSF folder and transfer files from Lotus Notes with complete attached folder items accurately. Moreover, IBM File Transfer Tool provides the property that allow to select the desired destination path and transfer the resultant file with the chosen file naming convention in seconds. IBM File Transfer Tool is a Windows based application which means that a user can operate the application easily on all Windows OS version including Win 10 to transfer Lotus Notes NSF files.
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