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Final Countdown

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Updated: 5/23/2012
Added: 5/23/2012
License: Freeware
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Final Countdown is sleep timer software for Windows. It is just like your sleep timer in your television. Set the time then go to sleep while being sure your computer will close at the time you wanted.Easy, only thing you need to know is moving your mouse.Economy Mode, Final Countdown can turn off your monitor after 30 seconds to save energy.Customizable, Final Countdown has many different themes and options to customize.Good Night Mode, Good Night Mode will gradually turn down the sound, a nice feature if you like to fall asleep listening to music but don't want to leave your computer running all night.Anti-Guest System, This system makes sure that no one else uses your computer while you are away.Faves and Shortcuts, You can save your favorite countdowns to your desktop or to the quick access list.Maid, Final Countdown can clean your Recycle Bin and Cookies, History and Temporary Files of All major browsers.Notifications, Final countdown will inform you a few different times before the countdown finishes. So if you need more time, you can cancel or postpone the countdown.Support, we have a web page running just for support. You can write us anytime. English, German and Turkish languages supported.Ease of Use Final Countdown designed simplicity and ease of use in mind. Everyone can use it very easily. When you see the interface you will understand everything. Customization You can change the colors and menu position as you like. We have many themes of different colors. We are sure that you will like at least one of them.Good Night Mode This mode gradually turns down the sound by the parameters you have chosen. You can say start to turn down the sound after 5 minutes and the sound should be turned down completely in 10 minutes. This means Final Countdown will wait 5 minutes. Then, it will start to turn down the volume. And in 10 minutes volume will be completely turned off.
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