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Estate Planner for OneNote

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Version: 2.0
Downloads: 17
Updated: 11/8/2017
Added: 11/8/2017
License: Demo
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Publisher's description

With the Estate Planners 6 category section tabs come a whopping 37 template pages - all of which can be fully customized to just what you might want or need. It's a much simpler and quicker way to get some visual structure and organization to your tasks, goals, to-dos and/or estate - whatever you want or need to keep track of! Reminders can even be set so you'll never forget those all important things on time! Using the record feature, audio and/or video notes can be easily added and shared too if desired (when stored on OneDrive or SharePoint) with a partner, spouse, child or executor for example. Sections with important or sensitive information can also be encrypted to keep them safe from any prying eyes and ears. The best bit is that the content of the notebook can be accessed from any device that MS OneNote supports - i.e.: Desktops, tablets and phones on the Web, Windows, Apple or Android platforms.
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