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Version: 1.0
Downloads: 56
Updated: 5/29/2014
Added: 5/29/2014
License: Shareware
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support contact Bad email addresses, unsubscribers, and invalid domains can take a clean email list and contaminate it very fast. Fortunately, Email Verifier has all of the right tools within it to keep your contact list pure. In fact, it can work on a multitude of external databases, such as Microsoft Outlook, that may contain invalid email addresses that give an unrealistic view of how many valid recipients there are. When you can automatically clean your list easily, you know exactly how many people you are reaching. This prevents you from receiving a lot of bounced emails. Unfortunately, there are many ISPs that will block an IP if too many bounced emails come back to it. Using the right software to verify the validity of the email addresses you are sending to will keep this from happening to you. This email verification software is popular because it is far ahead of its competitors. Professionals are looking for ways to spend less time on organizing and cleaning lists and more time on serving the customers that respond. Because of the ability to process large lists of email addresses and quickly eliminate invalid addresses, it is much easier for the user to focus on what is important. The tools also make it easier for certain audiences to be targeted, which increases the conversion rate. This increase in conversion rate then translates into profits. Another reason why this is a popular program is the fact that contact lists are private. You do not have to use a 3rd party to upload recipients. You are the only one with access.
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