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Conversion EDB PST

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Version: 16.0
Downloads: 188
Updated: 6/29/2016
Added: 2/13/2013
License: Shareware
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EDB issues are quite common for system professionals. The actual problem arises when the EDB files of interest remain unrecovered in corrupt Exchange Server. To deal with such technical glitch it is advised to recover the offline EDB files and convert them to PST. This is swiftly done with third-party tool like Kernel for Exchange Server. Kernel for Exchange Server is designed to meet the entire requirements needed for EDB file recovery. The tool has a unique feature -'Ask for EDB Version' that eases the recovery process by asking the EDB version in which the corresponding EDB files were made. Once the version is known, the recovery process is initiated that implements dual scan modes, namely: Advanced mode and Standard mode. The scan mode scans for corrupt files and recover the file items. The recovered EDB items can be saved in different file formats. The other saving option include direct saving of recovered EDB files to cloud-based platform - Live Exchange Server and Office 365. The trial version of the tool can be tried to evaluate the features of Kernel for Exchange Server. The trial version saves 25 items per folder in PST. To save the recovered files in cloud-based platform, user has to purchase the licensed version of the tool. For more information visit:
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