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Cheewoo Pipe CAM

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Version: 2.4.3001.1002
Downloads: 74
Updated: 3/25/2018
Added: 7/18/2017
License: Shareware
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Publisher's description

Generating NC code file for 2~4 Axis CNC pipe coaster machine / pipe profile cutting machine with easy and conveniently. Supporting both rotation and link head mechanism kinematics. Able to generate complex 3D pipe cutting path trajectories by using combinations of simple geometrical parameter inputs. Saving current job into project file and also can add already saved project files into current job easily. Various pre-defined perimeter cut, hole cut and composite cut models are supported as 3D templates. Lead-in/Lead-out setting and kerf width/taper setting are available for accurate 3D cutting. Requires Windows 2000 or above, RAM512 MB,10MB HDD or above.
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