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Apex Text to Audio Software

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Updated: 1/3/2015
Added: 1/3/2015
License: Shareware
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Text to audio software support very simple design and operation. It converts any type of text content into audio format and listens properly. Application permitted you to work with numerous text documents like article, blog, PDF content, clipboard, e-mail, eBook, HTML content, web-page, message and more. By Using this program no need extra technical supportive software like adobe acrobat and more. Program permitted to save important notes and file and listen later by using desktop or laptop. User can use several devices like Pocket PC, iPod, CD player, mp3 player and more. You can increase or decrease speed of play file. Feature: * Application change text document content into audio format. * You can listen whatever typed on computer screen. * You can use several devices like CD player, iPod, Pocket PC, mp3 player and more. * You can save study material and notes. * No need extra technical supportive software. * You can work with PDF file, article, blog, MS-Word, clipboard, news, web-page, message, e-mail, eBook and more. * You can work with both 32 and 64 bit operating system. * You can work with all Window operating system like Vista, XP, NT, 2000, 7 etc.
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