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Terminal Service Plus  Updated
Downloads: 145 License: Demo Updated: 2/11/2018 Added: 10/27/2009
TSplus is the most simple and affordable alternative to Citrix for Remote Desktop Connections, Application Publishing, Client Generation and much more. Connect to your Remote Desktop with any Windows system, from any device and with any browser. Details
Downloads: 0 License: Shareware Updated: 12/21/2017 Added: 12/21/2017
Radmin is fast remote control software for secure access to remote computer via Internet or LAN in multiple modes: view remote desktop, control remote PC's keyboard and mouse, file transfer, telnet, remote turn on/off, text and voice chat. Details
Antamedia Remote Control Software
Downloads: 80 License: Shareware Updated: 12/16/2017 Added: 12/26/2012
Remotely control your computers, work remotely, provide customer help, help desk service, stream presentation to multiple viewers. Details
Admin Reporting Kit for Windows Enterprise
Downloads: 2 License: Shareware Updated: 11/28/2017 Added: 11/28/2017
ARKES provides 100+ out-of-the-box reports about Exchange Server Mailboxes, Public Folders and Message Traffic. Information about the organization's administrative groups, routing groups, storage groups, mailbox stores, public folder stores, system & Details
RDS WebAccess
Downloads: 6 License: Demo Updated: 9/19/2017 Added: 5/12/2017
RDS-WebAccess is using HTML5 to open Remote Desktop with any web browser. Its high performance HTML5 RDP Client is providing browser based access to Windows Remote Desk (virtual & physical), running on Windows Terminal Services (RDS). Details
USB Network Gate
Downloads: 23 License: Shareware Updated: 7/18/2017 Added: 7/18/2017
USB Network Gate is perfect solution when you need to access USB over Ethernet. You can work with remote USB devices as if they were plugged into your local machine. Details
AdminZilla Network Administrator
Downloads: 25 License: Shareware Updated: 7/2/2017 Added: 11/28/2016
Watch live screen of all your computers at once by using your PC, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Windows Phone or Android based phone or tablet. Fully control your remote computer's mouse and keyboard, watch processes, stop applications, and much more... Details
RDS Print
Downloads: 9 License: Demo Updated: 6/5/2017 Added: 6/5/2017
RDS-Print is the fastest and easiest Remote Desktop Printing solution. It increases productivity, allowing users to print from any remote desktop session directly to their local printer(s). It is driverless and compatible with all Windows versions. Details
USB Network Gate for Linux
Downloads: 25 License: Shareware Updated: 5/4/2017 Added: 5/4/2017
USB Network Gate for Linux is perfect for working with a remote USB device over the network. The device appears to the remote machine as if it was plugged into it directly. Details
FoxRenderfarm Desktop App
Downloads: 16 License: Freeware Updated: 4/18/2017 Added: 4/18/2017
As one of the leading render farms in the CG industry, FoxRenderfarm's cloud rendering desktop app could help you easily solve the rendering problems. It supports automatically upload projects and download the rendered work. Details
FlexiHub for Linux
Downloads: 21 License: Freeware Updated: 1/2/2017 Added: 1/2/2017
FlexiHub is a single control panel for all USB devices in the network, it provides you with remote access to them. You can connect to a device attached to a Linux machine from Windows PC or Mac and vice versa. Details
Takemote Lite
Downloads: 68 License: Freeware Updated: 12/30/2016 Added: 4/13/2016
Takemote is a Wezarp technology software. It aims to visualize and control any Windows application or Desktop with a tablet, a smartphone or a remote computer (iOS, Android and Windows). It's easy, multi-client, multi-window and multi-control. Details
Downloads: 68 License: Freeware Updated: 12/18/2016 Added: 1/16/2015
FlexiHub is an excellent software solution that allows you to access and manage USB and COM port devices remotely over LAN/Internet. It functions as a control panel for numerous ports and devices connected to the computers in the network. Details
Wayk Now
Downloads: 19 License: Shareware Updated: 12/16/2016 Added: 12/16/2016
Wayk Now lets you take control of a remote computer, or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. Wayk Now is free for personal use and currently available on Windows, Max OS X and Linux. Details
Wake-On-LAN Listener
Downloads: 216 License: Freeware Updated: 12/13/2016 Added: 10/2/2011
The program receives magic packets and can be used as a Wake-On-LAN configuration troubleshooting tool. It allows to select local network adapters and create Windows Firewall exceptions. Requires administrator rights. Details
Wake-On-LAN Sender
Downloads: 358 License: Freeware Updated: 12/13/2016 Added: 10/28/2010
Wake-On-LAN Sender can be used to turn on remote computers sending magic packets (UDP). This freeware utility supports SecureOn password and allows to identify MAC addresses of LAN computers. Also, it includes Wake-On-LAN Listener. Details
Wake-On-LAN Virtual Machine
Downloads: 289 License: Shareware Updated: 12/13/2016 Added: 6/6/2011
Receives Wake-On-LAN magic packets and starts up virtual machines. Supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMware Server, Workstation, Player, Parallels WS. The built-in service allows to run machines without logon to host machine. Details
Remote Desktop Assistant
Downloads: 293 License: Shareware Updated: 12/13/2016 Added: 2/18/2011
Remote Desktop Assistant manages Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections, provides connectivity monitoring and sends Wake-On-LAN magic packets. Includes Wake-On-LAN Listener, RDP port configuration tool, and Windows shutdown program. Details
FlexiHub for Mac
Downloads: 32 License: Freeware Updated: 11/26/2016 Added: 11/26/2016
FlexiHub is software that enables remote access and management of USB devices over network. The application creates a hardware cloud of all USB devices connected to computers in the network accessible by authorized users. Details
Downloads: 184 License: Shareware Updated: 11/24/2016 Added: 9/15/2013
TSplus is a fantastic product. TSplus is the fast, simple and affordable way to instantly deliver existing Windows applications to users anywhere. Details
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