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EZ Burning Studio
Downloads: 516 License: Shareware Updated: 3/8/2017 Added: 11/5/2009
EZ Burning Studio is a burning application tool to simplify your burning needs. From now on, it's really easy to burn Audio CD, Data CD/DVD's, create Video DVD's (S)Video CD's, create and burn disc images, and more! Details
MixPad Music Mixer Free
Downloads: 225 License: Freeware Updated: 2/7/2017 Added: 11/14/2014
MixPad is free music recording and mixing software designed for easy audio production. Mix music, vocal and audio tracks, adjust the volume, pan, fade and more with MixPad as your digital mixing desk. Details
TempoPerfect Metronome for Mac Free
Downloads: 42 License: Freeware Updated: 1/11/2017 Added: 1/11/2017
TempoPerfect Free is a Metronome that runs on your Mac and can be controlled using your mouse or hotkeys. Unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down, TempoPerfect for Mac provides a clear and precise beat that can be accurately adjusted. Details
Wavepad Free Audio Editing Software
Downloads: 188 License: Freeware Updated: 12/29/2016 Added: 7/1/2010
WavePad is music editing program for Windows PC computers. WavePad allows you to create and edit voice, music and other sound recordings. You can duplicate sections of recordings and add echo, amplification, noise reduction and other effects. Details
Wavepad Audio Editor
Downloads: 75 License: Shareware Updated: 12/29/2016 Added: 4/27/2010
WavePad is music editing program for for Windows PCs. WavePad allows you to create and edit voice, music and other sound recordings. You can duplicate sections of recordings and add echo, amplification, noise reduction and other effects. Details
MIDI Tracker
Downloads: 101 License: Shareware Updated: 11/12/2016 Added: 1/13/2015
Create polyphonic ring tones for your mobile phone! MIDI Tracker is music editor with ability to import and export songs to MIDI format. Details
Click MusicalKEYS
Downloads: 40 License: Freeware Updated: 10/27/2016 Added: 10/27/2016
Click MusicalKeys is a MIDI musical keyboard software with 128 instruments. It looks like a real piano and you don't need to know about music notation and symbols. Play using your keyboard or mouse and save your favorite tunes in the MIDI file format Details
Downloads: 240 License: Shareware Updated: 8/30/2016 Added: 12/15/2012
SampliTron is a virtual software sampler instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device. It includes a library of high-quality .WAV samples. Details
Downloads: 143 License: Demo Updated: 8/23/2016 Added: 1/5/2013
This is a random MIDI drumbeat generator. It generates patterns up to 4 measures long in any of six time signatures and at virtually any BPM. It allows the user to mutate or regenerate any/ all of the drum sounds in a pattern and plays .wav samples. Details
Downloads: 137 License: Freeware Updated: 8/21/2016 Added: 12/15/2012
SpaceTheremin is a virtual mouse-controlled theremin. Unlike a standard analog theremin, which typically has a sinewave oscillator and some basic vibrato, SpaceTheremin lets you choose from six different oscillator and vibrato types. Details
Downloads: 252 License: Shareware Updated: 8/20/2016 Added: 12/15/2012
DrumPads is a virtual drum kit for Windows that lets you play drum sounds using your keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. It has 12 playable drum pads and 100 different drum samples. It also supports MIDI input and output. Details
Downloads: 129 License: Freeware Updated: 8/20/2016 Added: 12/15/2012
CheckBeat is a simple checkbox-programmable sample-based drum machine with a user-configurable resolution from one quarter note to one thirty-second note. The user can set the BPM (any) and pattern length (up to 16). Details
Downloads: 177 License: Demo Updated: 8/19/2016 Added: 12/16/2012
SigmaTizm is a virtual additive synthesizer instrument designed for live play. It can be controlled via the computer keyboard or with an external MIDI device and can also be used to control external MIDI devices. Details
Downloads: 51 License: Shareware Updated: 7/27/2016 Added: 7/27/2016
MelodyBuilder allows you to quickly try out chord progressions, experiment with new song ideas, create arpeggios and melodies and export them into your songs, even if you don't know much about music theory. Details
DarkWave Studio
Downloads: 501 License: Freeware Updated: 7/7/2016 Added: 6/2/2007
DarkWave Studio is a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / modular virtual music studio for Windows. You can easily use the built in sequencer, bundled DarkPlug machines and third-party VST effects and VSTi instruments to create music. Details
Audio WAV Mixer
Downloads: 273 License: Freeware Updated: 6/23/2016 Added: 10/16/2014
Audio WAV Mixer is a great sound and Audio WAV mixer software which allows you to mix any number of WAV files together. Details
MagicScore OneTouch Composer
Downloads: 84 License: Shareware Updated: 5/17/2016 Added: 5/17/2016
MagicScore OneTouch Composer is the first music notation software for Windows tablets all over the World. Compose music with OneTouch Composer, the best software for Windows 8 tablets according to Intel Application Innovation Contest. Details
Nero SoundTrax
Downloads: 253 License: Freeware Updated: 4/29/2016 Added: 7/16/2014
With Nero SoundTrax you can be your own DJ. You can create the ultimate music mix in a virtual multitrack music studio. Nero SoundTrax provides several wizards, which allow you to transfer your records or tapes to your PC in just a few easy steps. Details
MagicScore Notation For MS Word
Downloads: 213 License: Shareware Updated: 4/27/2016 Added: 2/26/2015
Create feature-rich Word documents with music notation. Music Notation for MS Word makes it easy to enhance Word documents with music notation, allowing to produce music literature, articles, brochures or tutorials complete with music notation. Details
WavePad Audio Editing Free for Android
Downloads: 168 License: Freeware Updated: 4/27/2016 Added: 8/3/2015
WavePad Free Audio Editor is a full-featured professional audio and music editor. You can record and edit music, voice, and other audio recordings. With this free app you can cut, copy, and paste parts of recordings. Details
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