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Advanced ETL Processor Professional 32 Bit  Updated
Downloads: 2 License: Shareware Updated: 5/30/2016 Added: 5/14/2016
Advanced ETL Processor Pro extracts data from any database, transforms, validates it and loads into another database completely automatically. At any time, you can press the ‘Preview' button and see what the results of an ETL flow would look like. Details
PDF Rasterizer SDK for .NET  New
Downloads: 0 License: Shareware Updated: 5/30/2016 Added: 5/29/2016
PDF Rasterizer SDK for .NET is a stand-alone SDK DLL Library for converting PDF documents to various standard raster image file formats. PDF Rasterizer SDK can currently export to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, TGA, PCX, WMF, EMF, etc. formats. Details
Cubey II  Updated
Downloads: 83 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 5/10/2012
Cubey2 is a hardcore yet funny platformer. You will direct a square guy named Cubey, who decided to go on a dangerous journey. He will bounce around levels by jumping on platforms, dodge the spikes and avoid huge monsters. Details
Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise 64 Bit  Updated
Downloads: 2 License: Shareware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 5/14/2016
Build Complex Data warehouses and Automate Entire Business Processes, Transfer data from ANY Database into ANY Database or file,Use FTP, Email: POP3 and SMTP, File operations, SQL scripts, Zip and Unzip, Task scheduler and comprehensive logging. Details
Another Treasures  Updated
Downloads: 91 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 2/20/2012
Another Treasures. In the long quiet evenings it is very soothing to handle old treasures. Collect them in rows of three to earn points. Intricate mechanics, colorful graphics. What else would a skilled treasure seeker need? Details
Kate Mobile  New
Downloads: 0 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 5/29/2016
kate mobile - freeware soft Details
Cosmo Invaders  Updated
Downloads: 30 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 10/21/2013
You turn up in an abandoned galaxy with lots of strangers. To break out and get home, you have to destroy an army of enemies. Your arsenal includes spacecraft, missiles and a powerful machine gun. Immerse yourself into the colorful atmosphere of deep Details
Angry Plants 2  Updated
Downloads: 24 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/12/2014
Angry Plants 2 marks a return to the PC of our leafy friends. Once again, this game is loosely based on the highly popular Angry Birds series. In this version there is no clown, only plants. Bad plants must be eliminated, and watermelons are the main Details
Square Boy II  Updated
Downloads: 78 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 6/5/2012
Square Boy 2 is a continuance of the popular platformer, Square Boy. There are numerous upgrades in terms of graphics and physics, and a new system of scrolling. Pass through levels that contain many traps. Details
Fruit Ninja Cuts  Updated
Downloads: 92 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/19/2013
Fruit Ninja Cuts is exactly what it sounds like: A Ninja cuts fruit. Our Ninja closes his eyes, picks up his sword, and cuts fruit that is thrown his way. But beware that not everything is fruit and therefore able to be sliced. Start with 3 lives. Details
English For Children  Updated
Downloads: 37 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 2/8/2014
This simple puzzle game will help your children learn the basics of the English alphabet, and remember letters. Details
Webcam Simulator XP Edition  Updated
Downloads: 308 License: Shareware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/6/2010
Simulates webcam on your system by broadcasting video files as webcam. It adds a virtual camera to your system without having an actual webcam. It can be used with all instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Camfrog Video Chat. Details
Advanced ETL Processor Enterprise 32 Bit  Updated
Downloads: 3 License: Shareware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 5/14/2016
Build Complex Data warehouses and Automate Entire Business Processes, Transfer data from ANY Database into ANY Database or file,Use FTP, Email: POP3 and SMTP, File operations, SQL scripts, Zip and Unzip, Task scheduler and comprehensive logging. Details
Jetpack Boy  Updated
Downloads: 86 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 10/25/2011
Jetpackboy - Fun arcade game. Fly around with a jetpack, carefully making your way through the increasingly challenging levels. Avoiding walls, spinning units, propellers, aircraft, needles, a variety of opponents, guns and more. Details
fl Chess 2.0  Updated
Downloads: 16 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 2/19/2015
Chess game with enhanced AI in 3D environment. Main feature - smart artificial intellect, which can give you hard work! Details
Space Lines  Updated
Downloads: 99 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 1/6/2012
Match3 game is popular in world. The simple mechanics and rules allow earning points by chaotically clicking with a mouse across the field. Differs quite a bit from classic match3. Details
Falco Lines II  Updated
Downloads: 112 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/12/2011
Lines is a logic game with beautiful animated graphics, special effects and jazz music. As with the classical Lines game, 3 figures appear on the field, and you must move them to form horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines of 5 or more of the same.. Details
Falco Chess  Updated
Downloads: 275 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/1/2010
This 3D chess game can be played as a stand-alone game, over the Internet. Details
Music Hero  Updated
Downloads: 80 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 7/10/2010
Horizontal scroller. Sound City is in danger! While feared citizens are hiding in their houses, alien military spaceships are trying to turn the town into ruins. Has mankind lost all hope? Details
10 Days To Run  Updated
Downloads: 11 License: Freeware Updated: 5/29/2016 Added: 9/21/2015
A horde of scum slithers to your door. Can you hold out for 10 nights in the skin of a giant bird? Details

Most popular software

SecureVue STIG Profiler
Downloads: 25934 License: Freeware Updated: 6/26/2015 Added: 4/7/2015
The SecureVue STIG Profiler automatically identifies IT assets and determines which DISA STIGs apply, based upon attributes like installed software, in preparation for a DISA STIG audit. Details
Insurance Sales Tracking
Downloads: 25330 License: Commercial Updated: 4/4/2012 Added: 8/13/2011
Sales Tracking is a complete package for insurance agents and agencies. You can track your sales, documents, commission checks all in easy to use software Details
xt:Commerce Zuznow Mobile Module
Downloads: 24119 License: Freeware Updated: 2/3/2013 Added: 2/3/2013
Automatic Mobile Adaptation Service - Your are only one-click away! Details
Cell Scrubber
Downloads: 15966 License: Shareware Updated: 3/18/2013 Added: 3/12/2013
Cell Scrubber scans and removes spyware, malware, and viruses from BlackBerry devices. Cell Scrubber runs from your computer and scans your BlackBerry through your data cable for any spyware, viruses, or malicious applications. Details
Phobos And Deimos Suite
Downloads: 15497 License: Shareware Updated: 3/11/2016 Added: 2/24/2016
Phobos And Deimos Suite is a software for digital deployment scheduling, with integrated personnel administration. The software has a client/server based architecture. Your data will be encrypted and synchronized in real time between all clients. Details
Downloads: 13932 License: Demo Updated: 2/19/2016 Added: 1/22/2016
RedSplice Network Traffic Analyzer is a network monitoring tool that brings traffic monitoring and analysis to a whole new level. Details
Clipboard Assistant
Downloads: 8175 License: Shareware Updated: 12/11/2013 Added: 8/9/2010
Clipboard Assistant is intended for an acceleration and a simplification of text operations via the Clipboard. You can use it while you are writing programs, filling Web forms, making sections of related news items, etc. You can create collections of Details
Pixel Degrees
Downloads: 7777 License: Updated: 4/21/2012 Added: 4/21/2012
Spartan U3 Multi Clipboard
Downloads: 6684 License: Shareware Updated: 3/25/2016 Added: 12/6/2011
Have you ever needed information on one computer that you know you have on another? Forget transferring files. Spartan is a multi clipboard that runs from a plug in flash drive. Plug into one PC and copy. Plug into another and paste. It's that easy. Details
FactotumNOW IT Management Repository
Downloads: 6043 License: Commercial Updated: 6/2/2007 Added: 6/2/2007
A complete IT Management system! FactotumNOW IT Management Repository consolidates data on your network into consistent views (Asset Management) and is the platform for customer interaction when it comes to Request and Incident Tracking. Details
File Wipe
Downloads: 5713 License: Shareware Updated: 6/2/2007 Added: 6/2/2007
An industrial strength file destruction utility. It also removes Internet explorer history, cookies, temp internet files. Cleans INDEX.DAT files on your computer which also keep tracks of your IE activities. Removes Adobe Acrobat reader history. Details
iRecovery Stick
Downloads: 5517 License: Demo Updated: 3/13/2014 Added: 3/13/2014
Recover deleted text messages (SMS), iMessages, Call History, Contacts, Safari Bookmarks, Calendar Entries, Notes from iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. Perform a complete forensic examination of iOS data. Works on iTunes backup files. Details
Photo to Movie (Windows XP)
Downloads: 5438 License: Commercial Updated: 6/3/2007 Added: 6/3/2007
Photo to Movie goes beyond the static slide show by turning digital photos into customized movies that can be distributed via DVD, the Internet or email. Movies created are unmatched in quality. Details
Clear Clipboard
Downloads: 5346 License: Freeware Updated: 5/7/2016 Added: 2/8/2010
Clear Clipboard makes the windows clipboard empty in less than a second. It deletes the current clipboard contents so the clipboard becomes empty. Clear Clipboard is a useful freeware clipboard tool. Details
Clipboard Box
Downloads: 4804 License: Shareware Updated: 8/31/2012 Added: 6/2/2007
Clipboard Box saves time and makes you more productive by adding clipboard functions that windows clipboard leaves out---starting with the ability to save numerous clips,instead of just one. Details
Personal Trainer Salary
Downloads: 4725 License: Freeware Updated: 1/13/2012 Added: 12/16/2011
Personal trainer salary jigsaw puzzle data as well as in-depth data on education and certification needed, career description and occupation growth Outlook. Details
Best Clipboard
Downloads: 4585 License: Freeware Updated: 2/8/2015 Added: 7/29/2012
Best Clipboard is a lightweight, handy and convenient solution to expand your Windows clipboard. It has a 25 clip multi clipboard and permanent storage for up to 500 clips. options include, pasting your digital photos with automatic size reduction. Details
Niche Keylogger
Downloads: 4501 License: Shareware Updated: 4/20/2011 Added: 4/20/2011
PC Vigilant offers smart monitoring software that efficiently records sent emails, visited websites, edited documents with exact date and time. Keystroke monitoring tool runs in hidden mode and invisible from start menu, desktop, add remove program. Details
RSS Magnet Reader
Downloads: 4461 License: Shareware Updated: 3/14/2011 Added: 6/3/2007
RSS Magnet is a news aggregator. A desktop application that downloads the latest news and displays it in a webpage. A native .Net application, meaning it runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP Details
Emule Speed Booster
Downloads: 4414 License: Freeware Updated: 6/2/2007 Added: 6/2/2007
Emule Speed Booster is an exceptional download-acceleration program for Emule that saves your valuable time by bringing download speed to its maximum limit. Automatically finds more sources better than regular Emule. Details

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